On this Plastic-Free Tuesday I….?


For me, one of the first and foremost reasons to become part of the Plastic-Free Tuesday blog and community (over 110 likes on FB, its growing, yeay!) was to join a platform for and by people, all across the globe, who are interested in taking on this big, bad, purple plastic monster (yes, take a careful look at the wonderful PFT-logo, designed by the great Gerda from The Shiny Planet Project!).

I really see this blog as a hub for sharing any creative, crazy, easy, difficult, mind-blowing, fun, good, practical, experimental, or whichever, idea that can help us all on our (let’s face it, sometimes not so easy) no-plastic journeys. However, since I did some sharing on my part already, e.g here and here (and got some great comments, tips and support through the Dutch blog where PFT was hosted orginally, thanks guys!), I thought it is time to get some hubbub going here, by readers, as well!

So this time the floor is yours actually. Please share with us what you have been up to -or not (yet) been up to!- on Plastic-Free Tuesdays. What great discoveries, good conversation or enjoyable “plastic-free moments” did you have, if any?

For me, last week, they included finding out that a North African supermarket here literally has EVERYTHING & ANYTHING in bulk! ☺Or, enjoying putting my new chickpea flour into a glass jar so much, I actually snapped a picture of it ☺, #everythinginajarsimplylookssomuchprettier..



Bulk at North African supermarket "Le Souk"

Bulk at North African supermarket “Le Souk”

Thinking of it, I think “stuff in jars” might actually deserve a whole special dedicated post on this forum☺ the PFT Facebook page already hosted a few gorgeous pictures, and pinterest is simply full of Mason jars. Maybe we can arrange some of the best ones? If you like, you can share your picture(s) and we’ll put together a special PFT-post for everyone to enjoy – credited of course! 😉 After all, we are trying to make the world a bit prettier by using no plastics, right? ☺

.. Alright, so thats it from me, the comment box is yours!

Hope you have a very pretty Plastic-Free Tuesday!


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Always interested in pursuing a more responsible and sustainable life-style, Marlies immediately got on board with the Plastic-Free Tuesday Project as a regular blogger. Marlies' special mission is to stop the use of any single-use or disposable plastics in her daily life, aiming to help the planet a little by being a responsible consumer. Follow Marlies as she explores her city, Groningen, in the Netherlands, from a different, plastic-free perspective, or as she travels around for work and weddings. Marlies is in charge of our activities on Instagram and Pinterest.

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