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Why didn’t I just admit that I wasn’t there to capture the beauty of the creek on camera – I was there to capture the garbage, the horrible hamburger boxes and the wraps of wrong chocolate bars, bottles of evil softdrink brands and other crap that totally ruins that particular beauty of our beloved creek.

It worries me, this creek worries me, the rest of the creeks in the world worries me, all the creeks and it’s surroundings worries me, the trees, the fishes.. Yes! I am a treehugger, a proud Plastic Free Tuesday-pioneer, I am a warrior and my mission for today is to prison the Evil Plastic.

So while I am busy saving the planet from its Untergang, balancing on a stone, feet in the mud in the middle of this particular creek, armed with a waste bag, a dog appears. It’s looking for a buddy to throw his ball. As I am very busy saving the planet, I excuse myself and continue my mission..

“Gerda? Hey!” I look up. It’s his lovely owner. Hide! I know her. Me and her, we met. Once, at a to-be-forgotten semi-coorperate christmas fest a couple months ago. “Gerda, are you ok?” Oh, yes I am! I am pretty perfect, about to accomplish my mission of today baby! It’s a secret mission though. I try to hide my crap collection behind my back.

“Gerda, what are you doing up there?” Think! What am I doing here? As nonchalant as possible I climb on the shore. “Oh, nothing! Just taking some pictures.” She askes if I am a photographer. I guess I am now.

Plastic litter Plastic litter
“Uh yea, sort of. Uhm.. it’s for an article I am writing you know. About uh, the creek and you know, the environment and stuff.” She nods with empathy, could have been pity too. Most elegant I put my flipflops on my muddy feed. “Anyways, sorry gotta go now. Gotta work on that article you know..” She understands. “Of course! Good job!” A very awkward goodbye follows.

So here I am, the warrior, writing my very important article, sipping on my soy latte, saving the planet. Shameless.. My dear fellow treehuggers, I promise to be a proud plastic Free Tuesday-pioneer next time.

Plastic litter


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Homemade pumpkin soup, any cooking by her sister Annemieke, hard rubbish, exotic markets, traintrips, obscure records and a million other things make Gerda very happy. The opposite counts for pollution and unfair treatment of our planet. Therefore Plastic-Free Tuesday is one of those things that Gerda happily included in her never ending to-live-for-list. She is a fulltime treehugger with an extra mission on Tuesdays. And that again makes her very, very happy. Gerda is a real nomad, she has been living in many different countries. At the moment, she's in Morocco. Gerda designed the Plastic-Free Tuesday logo, develops offline Plastic-Free Tuesday activities, writes blogs, designs social media content, and helps developing our communication strategy.

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  1. Very cute and great story Gerda! Enjoyed that! 🙂

    (and very recognizable btw… am now slowly getting used to telling more people what I am up to.. 🙂 also reactions get better and talks more constructive, so next time go for it! 🙂 it’s simply a good cause!

    Btw, great clean-up effort, did you manage to collect a lot of garbage before your started to attract attention? 🙂 is there also a special place to bring it to in Melbourne, for recycling? I am wondering whether plastic-free tuesday could in the future include such ‘plastic-free’ actions as well, i.e. I can imagine it would be a great initiative for schools for example!

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