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Happy Plastic-Free Tuesday! Hello there! A few months ago, a friend asked me to join her Plastic-free Tuesday initiative. I was thrilled and started with a lot of fervor, but as it goes, I got busy and invested less effort in the project. Nevertheless over the coming weeks I will share some thoughts with you that I had recently on why to be a “plastic minimalist”, introduce some tricks how to avoid unnecessary plastic tubes and bottles, and I will share my first moments of trying to become as plastic-free as possible.

I had to smile when reading a fellow blogger first day of non plasticness, mine was sooo similar to hers. And how was yours? What? You didn’t start yet? Well let yourself get inspired in the first one of my series of blogs.

Some Thoughts on Motivations
Recently I came across “Bio Person of the Year” nominations. My guess is it is about choosing a person taking the best care of their body, “eating green” etc. It implies we are willing to pay so much attention to what we put in our bodies, but we do not always care enough about our environment that is supposed to provide us with all those green goodies. Thus we we should try to see the world in a bigger picture and care about things that we think don’t touch upon us directly. They often do.

We are just a micro-cosmos of a bigger macro-cosmos which is nature and the rest of the world around us. We can zoom in and out, around and within the human bodies. Around us is the planet Earth as a part of a bigger universe. We are small integral parts of it just as bacterias are our small integral parts and micro-cosmoses of us. And if in any of these micro-cosmoses or macro-cosmoses there is too much plastic, you can be sure it will touch upon the rest of the cosmoses.

Also Daoists think of our body as of a miniature of nature. Their Diagram of the Inner Landscape (in Chinese neijing tu 内径图) from the 19th century depicts a fetus or a meditating person’s anatomy as a landscape. Parts of the inner body cultivation process are depicted as mountains, forrests, lakes, streams, stars, the Sun and the Moon. Traditional Chinese world view in general is that of unity of the humans with Nature (in Chinese tian ren he hi 天人合一), people are seen as an integral part of Nature.

Daoist Diagram of the Inner Landscape

Daoist Diagram of the Inner Landscape

Alan Watts (in another context) said it too: “Most of us have the sensation that “I myself” is a separate center of feeling & action, living inside and bounded by the physical body – a center with “confronts” and “external” world of people and things… Due to language, institutions, etc. we have an illusion of “I” being separated from the rest of the universe. But it is not “I” vs. “the rest” it is “I” equals the universe.” My point is, that to not have giant piles of plastic anywhere near our eyesight ever (like for example in India or China) is nice. But…

I used to love this designer, who said: “I can’t wait until we will be made half of plastic!” (It’s Karim Rashid and I don’t like him that much anymore since pretty much everything he designs is made of plastic). It sounded so cool, because it was completely sci-fi. Well, it’s not anymore, since we really have plastic in our bodies, just not in a way the designer wished for… It’s in our blood.

It is scientifically proven that it damages our endocrine system and causes troubles with blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. How did it get there? By using dental floss, drinking from plastic bottles that were exposed to the sunlight and by many other ways. Knowing this I am sure motivated to produce less plastic waste. I have watched a video about what the scientists pulled out of the stomachs of poor birds feeding themselves on the beaches of an ocean, it was shocking. The birds died because of large amounts of plastic that they ate. The same goes for fish. Hey, don’t we eat fish…?

PFT for Everyone
Still not motivated enough? I will try to “sell” the idea of Plastic-free Tuesday to all kinds of you now =) Please feel free to find “your personality type”.

Let me start with a big fat hedonist. How about you think of Plastic-Free Tuesday like this: you put less plastic to your body and your surroundings, so you can enjoy more of the other not so healthy enjoyments. What if you are not a type for long runs? Then imagine you just do it for a period of time, say you try to use a few plastic as possible every Tuesday for three months, take it as one of these crunches challenges, where you add 15 crunches every day. Or take a temporary alcohol fasting cause of antibiotics or as a part of more pleasant monthly nourishment program. And after that period of time see if you like it, perhaps you will be surprised and continue automatically.

Are you a pessimist and you think it’s pointless because one person can’t make much difference? Then join Plastic-Free Tuesday as a selfish thing of cultivating yourself. Take it as an exercise of strengthening your will by overcoming laziness of choosing the comfortable ways in life that include plastic. Or use it for training your memory by not forgetting to choose no-plastic goods in the shops.

Do you love the idea of being a leader? Start a small community that u can lead towards a less plastic future by being their bright shiny example of how to use less plastic.

What do I hear, a challenge taker? A fast learner? A handy & crafty gal? Take up the Plastic-Free Tuesday challenge, join the movement, and please return in the coming weeks to enjoy the “recipes” in my next blogs! Happy Plastic-Free Tuesday!


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Hana enjoys living and working in the old town of Bratislava in Slovakia where she is pursuing her PhD in sinology and art theory. Every other year she makes yearlong study expeditions to China, where she tries to understand the worldview of the people who's culture is so different from hers. You can find Hana in an art gallery, a museum or with friends talking about everything and nothing over a glass of nice red wine or a fragrant cup of good tea. After seeing some documentaries about plastic madness and after living our plastic future that in China has already become reality, she decided to care for the environment, thus she joined the PFT team as a blogger.

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