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„Oh wow, my first plastic free Tuesday!“

I woke up to a snowy white morning, not a big deal. Sat with a cup of coffee and breakfast. Half of the things I eat come from a plastic bag, such as nuts, linen seeds, sesame seeds, etc. Only my walnuts come from a linen bag in which my father gave them to me from my grandma. Oats came in a paper bag.

Usually the companies are paranoid about humidity, mice in the storage places, so they have at least a layer of plastic foil or metal on the top of the paper, to protect us from bla bla bla, as if with all the additives it was so necessary…These are by the way the worst to recycle, cause u can’t put them nor to paper neither to plastic bins.

After breakfast I need to change the toner in my printing machine. The fillings were wrapped in a bag, than in a paper box and than in another plastic bag. Ok, it’s not even ten and I’m writing this with a plastic pen…

At the lunch time the problem was again revolving about the food packaging. My broccoli? In a plastic wrap, my carrots? The same thing. Than I went to school and automatically visited the coffee machine. Only sitting back at my desk I realized what I did. Unconscious bad habits… Running on the autopilot…, sounds familiar? The machine serves coffee also without the plastic cup if u just put that one button and bring your own cup that by the way makes the whole drinking process nicer. So a bit more conscious behavior and voila less plastic waste.

Dinner the same as for lunch, pfhew no need to unwrap the plastic badness. Dessert – chocolate in aluminium foil and paper, pfhew again. Now notice that good quality chocolate never comes in a plastic wrap, nor does good wine, or honey, good things are usually not packed in plastic… Ok, good tea sometimes so that they can close it without the air, but a metal container should do the trick for your tea to stay dry and fragrant too.

So what I learned: The next time buying the breakfast and salad seeds I get them in a supermarket where u can put them to your own bag and than they weigh them for u. (Although they have to get to the shop somehow… hopefully not in giant plastic bags) And when I need veggies, I will try to get them at a fresh market, where those cute old ladies and men sell their own harvest. I can go with my own linen bags that are btw pretty stylish. Oh yeah, and the coffee machine mindfulness. =)

Shopping bags


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Hana enjoys living and working in the old town of Bratislava in Slovakia where she is pursuing her PhD in sinology and art theory. Every other year she makes yearlong study expeditions to China, where she tries to understand the worldview of the people who's culture is so different from hers. You can find Hana in an art gallery, a museum or with friends talking about everything and nothing over a glass of nice red wine or a fragrant cup of good tea. After seeing some documentaries about plastic madness and after living our plastic future that in China has already become reality, she decided to care for the environment, thus she joined the PFT team as a blogger.

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  1. Marlies

    Hi Hana!

    Welcome to the PFT-movement! So great to read your story and to see your plans. Much looking forward to read the rest of your follow-up posts 🙂 Not sure how you feel by now, but I know I definitely needed some time to figure things out after my first PFT.. Let me know if you have any questions, I think the best thing about getting together is sharing of tips and tricks and reading each other’s blogs! I think in my second post,, I posted some ideas on lunch, breakfast and dinner, perhaps they are of use?

    And ah, coffee, that took me a while to transition from (as you can tell from my second post) :-). By now I’ve stopped using my plastic-consuming plastic coffee machine at home, use mugs at work indeed, and for on-the-go I bring my new glass mason jar everywhere – that one esp. works wonderfully, so much nicer compared to disposable paper/plastic cups, as you say! And safer and handier too, due to its solid screw top lid. I just throw it in my bag to have my hands free, even if i didn’t finish it yet. 😉

    Wish you all the best for next week(s), and looking forward to reading more soon!
    Best from the Netherlands,

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