The Life of a Zero Waster (Photo By The Hour)


I’m Anamarie Shreeves and I blog over at Fort Negrita is dedicated to my life as a Zero Waster and includes how-tos, business features and nature adventures.

When I say Zero Waste life, many people are curious about what that means and how does it work? Zero Waste life is the practice of producing no trash. I dodge packaging, to-go ware and even brand spanking new items to keep from contributing to landfills.

As for the “how does it work” question, I figured I can show you better than I can tell you. Below is a #photobythehour post from June 21st (first day of summer!), which I took pictures throughout my day to share with the Plastic-Free Tuesday viewers the act of living Zero Waste.

Here’s a day in the life.

Not quite how I would like to start the first day of summer, but I needed to settle the tag and title for a truck I recently purchased. This is also the most paper you will ever see me have at one time. I would like to have Zero Waste alternatives for all the trash used at the County Tax Commissioner’s Office, but there is no way around it.

Car license

Aha! On my way home from the Tax Commissioner’s Office I spotted a guy on the side of the road selling watermelon and cantaloupe. Although Atlanta is city-like, there are still rural folks that come in town to sell produce on the road. I quickly parked and grabbed a watermelon for six dollars. The flesh was a deep pink, juice dripped down my hands and it was full of seeds! Great sign for all the watermelon I will be eating this summer.


While grocery shopping I spend my time in two places bulk and produce. Since all other aisles are full of packaged items, I rarely visit them. On this day I grabbed flour, nuts, honey and soap; all in bulk! #bulkisbeautiful


Being a Zero Waster and a vegan can be a bit of a headache. Vegan-friendly products are hard to come by and getting them trash-free is like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, I have a milk man. Similar to the turn of the 20th century, milk is delivered to my door. Pecan Milk is run by Nigel (picture shown), I get a 32 oz. bottle of date-sweetened almond milk for 4 dollars.


Zero Waste brunch! A bunch of friends were coming in town, and I had the pleasure of hosting a Zero Waste brunch. This was a perfect way to see everybody, save some money and avoid restaurant waste. The table was set with glassware, silverware and cloth napkins.


In my spare time, I write letters to corporations asking for better sustainable pursuits. This visit to the mailbox is for Zipcar. I recently canceled my Zipcar subscription, because I was unhappy with the service. This left me with a plastic card, which I had no need. Instead of throwing it away, I wrote Zipcar’s headquarters recommending that they do something eco-friendly with the card. ;-P


Enter NexusSexusPlexus. An art installation curated by the Dashboard Co-op. The exhibit takes unused buildings/spaces and turns them into transcendent atmospheres. The artists put great thought into how to recreate the space. Here my friend Wesley stands in front of a wall covered in painter’s tape.


Still hanging out at NexusSexusPlexus, which was a set of installations in three different buildings, I made it to “Plexus” and my favorite of all three. Artist Jason Peters created a psychedelic neutron out of metal chair frames and fluorescent orange rope. There were backlights overhead to make the figures float in a deep abyss. You really had to be there!


Last stop of the night was a Bourbon-themed birthday get together. My friends have been inspired by my Zero Waste practices and the entire party received Mason jars to use and take home as favors. A little good from the Bourbon, this was the best picture I could get from the night, but it was a day well lived. Cheers!



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  1. This is awesome! It’s great to see how you’re having an impact on your friends and the community. Wish we had a shop like Pecan Milk here!

  2. That’s great that you can get almond milk locally produced and plastic free! I drink dairy milk, but I would imagine it’s hard to find nut milks without disposable packaging in most places unless you make your own.

  3. You are such an inspiration Anamarie! I love this “day in the life” – so great! I don’t have my very own hunky Pecan Milkman, but I have learned how to make my own almond milk recently and it’s easy peasy! I just have to find a better way to use up all the excess almond at the end, besides COOKIES!

  4. Marlies

    Hi Anamarie!
    Didn’t have the change yet to leave a comment here, but just to say I love your post for Plastic-Free Tuesday! So cool your supporting this initiative. Also, I think we all have these items which are hard to find plastic-free (and I’m so happy that you asked us that question for the interview with us which was posted your blog – which I also love by the way, go read it people! :-))

    Again, thanks so much for sharing and being in touch, looking forward to reading more from you!

  5. Outstanding! I love that you have friends who played along with the mason jars. My friends mostly roll their eyes at me. I too have come to love the bulk section of the one supermarket in my town that has one!

  6. What a treat to read about your day! How cool to have fresh almond milk delivered, and such talented friends. Thanks for inspiring me! It’s great to know there are so many of us working toward a more sustainable planet by doing small (but important) things every day!! I will mention you and your story on my weekly radio show entitled The GLObal TvShow (radio blue mountains=, you can stream live on the net, it’s mondays 10-12 eastern australia time) where host Baglady and I (boxlady) share shameless good news around the planet of people doing inspiring stuff like you to live ASAP- As Sustainably As Possible. Keep on keeping on!!!

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