How to make plastic-free pasta


Today Chiara from Let’s Do Little Things shares her DIY recipe for noodles. Let’s Do Little Things is an inspirational blog where Chiara from Germany documents the steps she takes towards a more sustainable life. Previously she blogged here about plastic-free tooth care solutions.

In Germany, noodles are always sold in plastic (except for one brand that I refuse to buy because of their homophobic ideology), so I as a contribution to Plastic Free July, I decided to make them myself and share the recipe with you.

Normally you’ll find all the ingredients in your kitchen and you can make a huge amount of noodles. If you dry them, you always have noodles in stock. And the best thing about it: Even all the ingredients are plastic-free!


> flour and water in a ratio of 2 :1
→ 200 g flour
→ 100 ml water
> flour for kneading
> optional: dried herbs (e.g. basil)
> glass bottle / rolling pin
> kitchen towel



[1] Add your dried herbs to the flour. Mix flour and water during which you add the water little by little until you get a solid dough. Sometimes you don’t need all the water.

Noodles step 1
[2] Put some flour your kitchen table and roll out the dough until it’s very thin. If you don’t have a rolling pin, just use a glass bottle – it works just as well. If you have a pasta machine – all the better!

Noodles step 2
[3] Take a sharp knife and cut your dough into long, thin noodles and flour them again so they won’t stick together.

Noodles step 3
[4] Now you can cook your pasta right away within some minutes. Or, to stock them, you can hang them over a chair back or a drying rack. Another possibility that I tried is to form little nests and let them dry on a kitchen towel over night. Make sure they are really dry until you stock your noodle-nests in an airtight container.

Noodles step 4
I hope you enjoy this plastic-free recipe! Bon appétit!

Noodles in a jar


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  1. Marlies

    Awesome Chiara! Looks so nice. I have to do this for some Chinese noodles which I never make anymore now, because as you say most noodles come in plastic! There is one kind of ‘mie’ that’s wrapped in carton in my supermarket, but they only work well for a few (Indonesian) stir fry dishes. I’m looking for something for soups/broth!

    What style of dishes do you plan to use these noodles for?


    • Hey Marlies! Well I never tried thise in a soup as they are rather “fettuncine” or “pappardelle” that I usually eat with home-made pesto or tomatos and parmesan cheese etc… But I imagine that if you shorten the noodles a bit, you can totally add them in a soup!

  2. This looks so easy-I’ve always kind of assumed making pasta was a labor intensive process, and haven’t bothered with it because I can find pasta in bulk where I live, but I will definitely be giving this a try!

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