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Recently Re-Sack agreed to donate two sets of reusable produce bags. Each sets consists of a Re-Sack Net, a Re-Sack Small, and a Re-Sack Voile. Since I bought some of these bags in April 2013 I have used them extensively, all around the planet, and for a range of different kinds of food.

Using these bags not only saves a lot of plastic (= waste!) but the bags themselves look also great and are convenient to use. People often comment on them. “Beautiful material!” and “Environmentally friendly!” is what I frequently hear when shopping with these.

We are so happy to be able to give some Re-Sacks to you! Thank you Re-Sack for donating! Also big thanks to all of you who participated in the drawing! You (Europeans only) could enter the drawing by leaving a comment before the end of July. I wrote down (using a pencil, plastic-free!) the names of all those who did. I then put all the names in a big bowl (plastic-free of course!).

Drawing for giveaway I

Next I draw two pieces of paper.

Drawing for giveaway II

And the two winners are….

Winner I              Winner II

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that Re-Sack can send you the bags.

For those of you who did not win, please keep coming back as we will have a post on how to make your own reusable produce bag soon! You can also order the Re-Sacks here. If you live in the U.S., check out beautiful designer produce bags available at Ivy & Thistle. If you read Dutch, keep an eye on my blog PlasticMinimalism, where I will soon give a set of Re-Sacks away too.


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In 2013, after reading yet another article about plastic soup, Annemieke started her Dutch blog Plasticminimalism where she documented her small steps towards life with less plastic. To create more awareness about the adverse impacts of our plastic consumption, she launched Plastic-Free Tuesday in spring 2014. She strongly believes that building a better world starts by changing our own behavior. Annemieke is an environmental scientist by training. She alternates living in the Netherlands, Sweden, the US, and China.

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  1. You’re so lucky! 🙂 from experience I know these bags are superduper usefull!
    And in case u missed out, don’t worry! A good reason for a DIY projet! With a bunch of old fabriques, you can fix something similar by yourself. We’ll soon tell you how. Keep an eye on the website. 🙂

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