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In 2013, after reading yet another article about plastic soup, Annemieke started her Dutch blog Plasticminimalism where she documented her small steps towards life with less plastic. To create more awareness about the adverse impacts of our plastic consumption, she launched Plastic-Free Tuesday in spring 2014. She strongly believes that building a better world starts by changing our own behavior. Annemieke is an environmental scientist by training. She alternates living in the Netherlands, Sweden, the US, and China.41 Articles

Guest bloggers

Every now and then we invite someone to share his/her plastic-free experience or specialized knowledge on selected topics. If you would like to write a guestblog, please contact us through the contact form (please click on "Contact" in the menu bar above) and tell us what and when you would like to write.34 Articles


Homemade pumpkin soup, any cooking by her sister Annemieke, hard rubbish, exotic markets, traintrips, obscure records and a million other things make Gerda very happy. The opposite counts for pollution and unfair treatment of our planet. Therefore Plastic-Free Tuesday is one of those things that Gerda happily included in her never ending to-live-for-list. She is a fulltime treehugger with an extra mission on Tuesdays. And that again makes her very, very happy. Gerda is a real nomad, she has been living in many different countries. At the moment, she's in southern Europe working with refugee projects. Gerda is in charge of developing the offline PFT reusable bag campaign for which she sews bags out of donated, second-hand fabric. She also writes blogs, designs social media content, and helps developing our communication strategy.12 Articles


Always interested in pursuing a more responsible and sustainable life-style, Marlies immediately got on board with the Plastic-Free Tuesday Project as a regular blogger. Marlies' special mission this year is to stop the use of any single-use or disposable plastics in her daily life, aiming to help the planet a little by being a responsible consumer. Follow Marlies as she explores her city, Groningen, in the Netherlands, from a different, plastic-free perspective, or as she travels around for work and weddings this year. Marlies is in charge of our activities on Instagram.12 Articles


Cynthia's plastic epiphany happened when she found herself picking up plastic and litter off the ocean floor in her newly found hobby, scuba diving. Having recently travelled extensive, she became increasingly more aware of the impact of plastic whilst walking through the streets in Asia. Since 2018, one of her year's resolution was to become actively involved in reducing plastic waste and helping others achieve the same goals. Coming from a marketing background, she hopes to bring some perspective on the commercial issues surrounding plastic waste and ideas on how we can all shout a little louder to get their attention and the changes we need.


Plastic is an amazing material, but the way we misuse it is beyond comprehension. After years of living and traveling in different parts of the world, Mattias has watched unnecessary plastic conquer the planet and destroy our environment. Being an avid hiker and nature photographer, he wants to raise plastic awareness to keep our world beautiful and stop this totally unnecessary and preventable disaster. He is mostly either invisibly working with graphics and design, coding or brainstorming together with Annemieke.


Melody has been interested in environmental issues since she was young. Her background is in government and politics, but she’s convinced that action on an individual level can be an equally powerful force. As our Twitter manager, she hopes to help spread the #plasticfree message and keep people informed about how they can be part of the movement and make a difference.