I want it to be Tuesday everyday!


My second plastic-free Tuesday (read here about my first one), oh my, it’s not getting much better.

I was getting a picture for my scholarship application. There was some problem with the quality, so I had to wait longer than normally and I noticed they sell my favorite one-usage cameras. I buy them seldom, they take those old school pics and they recycle them in China anyways, so I don’t have to feel that bad, right? But now it was in Slovakia and it was plastic-free Tuesday. First thing that came into my mind? “Oh well, I have to wait to another day to buy it.”

But you know what? Once you start to be responsible and decide to commit for whatever reason to behave like a plastic non-waster, you want every day to be Tuesday, your consciousness won’t let you buy plastic.

Of course I still didn’t find a way to get my toilet paper packed differently than in a plastic wrapper, or earplugs made of bamboo, but for the rest I’m trying.

I could compare it to fasting. It feels different, if in the age of overspoiling and overpampering ourselves you take a few days without your favorite sugary addictions, without your phone (I doubt anybody ever tried this one haha) or without sex. We take, buy, consume, accept… Everything is directed towards us. Only the waste of processing all this “over-overing“ of ourselves goes the outer way. Interesting much?

Notes to my self: I need to start a plastic-free diary, it will keep me more aware and motivated. My new flip-flops are made of plastic, I did not realize this when I was buying them, next time buying anything I will try to think about what is it made of and if I can buy a non-plastic version (which is sure possible for flip-flops, for example flip-flops made of straw).

So much from me for now, I did not take much notes during the following Tuesdays, but it is on my agenda for the coming ones. Hope there will be more and more of us soon. Happy PFT everyone! =)


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Hana enjoys living and working in the old town of Bratislava in Slovakia where she is pursuing her PhD in sinology and art theory. Every other year she makes yearlong study expeditions to China, where she tries to understand the worldview of the people who's culture is so different from hers. You can find Hana in an art gallery, a museum or with friends talking about everything and nothing over a glass of nice red wine or a fragrant cup of good tea. After seeing some documentaries about plastic madness and after living our plastic future that in China has already become reality, she decided to care for the environment, thus she joined the PFT team as a blogger.

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