5 myths about plastic and 5 reasons to refuse


Although there seems to be tons of reasons to NOT use plastic, plastic is still all around. There is production because there is demand. Why is plastic still so popular? Why is it still used on massive scale? Here are 5 very common reasons + 5 reasons to reconsider those.

1. It gets recycled

Let’s put it in other words: plastic gets down-cycled. It’s second life has less quality which limits their capacity for new use. Once produced, plastic will be on our planet forever more. That’s why nowadays there is an overdose of plastic, polluting the seas, ruining landscapes and killing in animal kingdom.

2. Everything is packed in plastic

That is why our shopping lists should simply be adjusted. Instead of precut veggies, get the fresh ones. Hunt for bulk shopping spots such as markets and local grocers (and download the BULK app). Beneficial for the environment, your belly and your budget too!

3. It’s cheap

True! Plastic is dirt cheap. Though, mother Nature pays the price. Besides, plastic lives a short life. Replacement is required after a while and on the longterm adds to the bill. Sustainable materials such as stainless steel or bamboo won’t let you down and stay on your side for a significant period of time.

4. Hygiene is high priority

Hygiene is all about health and plastic is absolutely not. Chemicals of all kinds, come together in the production process to create any shape wished for. Packing your delicious pre-made lunch in a piece of cling wrap might add some nasty ingredients to your meal. Go with glass jars: cute and clean! Stainless steel containers are another great alternative.

5. Convenience and comfort

Let’s be honest, plastic is not convenience nor comfortable. Plastic bags break, synthetic shoes smell funny, cups crumble when hot coffee is poured in: plastic brings trouble. Be prepared, bring canvas bags, an unbreakable bottle etcetera for high class comfort.


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Homemade pumpkin soup, any cooking by her sister Annemieke, hard rubbish, exotic markets, traintrips, obscure records and a million other things make Gerda very happy. The opposite counts for pollution and unfair treatment of our planet. Therefore Plastic-Free Tuesday is one of those things that Gerda happily included in her never ending to-live-for-list. She is a fulltime treehugger with an extra mission on Tuesdays. And that again makes her very, very happy. Gerda is a real nomad, she has been living in many different countries. At the moment, she's in Morocco. Gerda designed the Plastic-Free Tuesday logo, develops offline Plastic-Free Tuesday activities, writes blogs, designs social media content, and helps developing our communication strategy.


  1. Marlies

    True, true, true, true, and TRUE!

    And about recycling.. that’s just the biggest myth of all if you ask me… Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m not against recycling, in fact, we need to do it as much as we can for already existing plastics, and all kinds of other waste, but being part of the solution, and not the problem entails that we focus generally on refusing to buy/ask for any plastics in the first place. No plastic asked = no plastic asking to be recycled. No problem created = no problem to be solved?

    In this respect it is especially important to remember as well that even if we somehow manage to get the factual global capacity (to continue) to recycle all our plastics indefinitely (because, let’s not forget that much plastics is not ever recycled because there is simply too much of it, or it does not end up in a recycling plant!), AND if we would somehow find a way to counter the ‘down-cycling’ problem (meaning we not need to add any new virgin plastics anymore to recycled products), we still talk about about massive amounts of resources which are needed for this so-called ‘wonderful’ recycling business (think: energy, water, transport, pollution). Let’s spend/waste that energy on something else people, or even better… let’s not waste any resources at all for something as silly as plastics, especially the single-use kind!

    Ok, added what I wanted to add 😉 looking forward to your next post!! thanks again miss!


    PS , for those interested, I found the following very simple Youtube clips (by discovery channel) on the production of PET bottles and plastic bags quite insightful. It includes some comments on recycling! Enjoy!

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