5 reasons to say no to bottled water


Drinking tap water and carrying along your own reusable bottle is the easiest way to avoid loads of single use plastic. Here are five basic reasons to avoid bottled water.

1. It takes about 2,5 deciliter oil to manufacture a 1 liter plastic bottle

This oil comes from deep down the earth. So first of all, you need to drill a well. Not only contributes this process to CO2 emissions, it also disturbs the local environment. Oil must be pumped up, then the raw oil must be processed to eventually end up as one of the raw materials for producing that water bottle. Which we buy and then throw away after it’s empty. Isn’t it crazy how we prefer to put so much effort in manufacturing and shipping that bottle while in a lot of places you can just walk to the tap to fill your glass or bottle.


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2. The quality of bottled water is not necessarily better than tap water

In fact, how do you know where the bottled water comes from? Tap water, on the other hand, you can easily trace. You can for example visit the municipal water plant to tour the plant and see with your own eyes where your tap water comes from. Some plants will publish test results on their website, see for example here at the website of Dunea in the Hague.

3. Water is a human right

The right to water has been recognized in international law. Yet, some companies do not respect this. The chairman of the board of Nesté for example, has said “The one opinion, which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution.” By buying bottled water you support companies such as Nestlé who steal water from the public and let you pay a high price for it.

4. Plastic pollutes!

Even in areas with proper recycling facilities in place, still a lot of plastic bottled end up in nature. These bottles eventually end up in our water ways where they break down into smaller pieces but they will never degrade as for example an apple or a newspaper. The bottles break into ever smaller pieces that are easily mistaken for food by marine animals.

5. Bottled water is expensive

Bottled water is expensive. You pay much more per liter than you do for tap water. For example, a major supermarket chain in the Netherlands called AH, sells half liter bottles for 0,56 euro per liter. This is an outrageous price compared to the 1,12 euro you pay per thousand liter in the Hague in the Netherlands.


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In 2013, after reading yet another article about plastic soup, Annemieke started her Dutch blog Plasticminimalism where she documented her small steps towards life with less plastic. To create more awareness about the adverse impacts of our plastic consumption, she launched Plastic-Free Tuesday in spring 2014. She strongly believes that building a better world starts by changing our own behavior. Annemieke is trained in environmental science and policy. She alternates living in the Netherlands, Sweden, the US, and China.


  1. The statement concerning human rights makes so much sense and not much mentioned yet although it would be an absolute eye opener for a lot of people I reckon. The truth about Nestle is a nasty one. 🙁 the bosses of these creepy coorporations are taking advantage of naive consumers. Lets claim our water back and boycot those bandits. 🙂

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