Plastics: The Basics – Everything you ever wanted to know about plastic


Today we kick off our new series called Plastics: The Basics. This crash course about plastics is run by our new team member Barbara. She is a chemical engineer. Welcome on the Plastic-Free Tuesday team, Barbara!

Plastic is a great product. Isn’t it?

Plastics are light, cheap, durable and it is a multipurpose product. You can make almost anything with plastic.

But of course it’s not all that great. The big downside to plastic is it’s durability. Plastic lasts forever. So bring it into our environment… especially our oceans and you’ll have a plastic soup.

But what are plastics? Do we know? We always call it by one name but there are many differences between them. There are thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, biodegradable plastics, bioplastics (yes, this is different than biodegradable plastics), and rubber.

Some plastics are “better” than others. In the upcoming blogs I will highlight the different kinds of plastic. Their pros and cons, the way they are produced and why we should choose to buy and use as less plastic as we can.

I also plan to write something about BPA and why it has such an effect on our hormones. And also why I think BPA-free plastics do not solve the problem, as they can have similar effects on our hormones.

So when you are interested in plastics, written in an easy way, follow my blogs. If you have any questions about plastic, please let me know (leave a message below) and I’ll try to answer.

Have a Happy Plastic-Free Tuesday and see you next week!

This post was written by Barbara, a chemical engineer living in the Netherlands. She was in charge of the crash course Plastics: The Basics. Barbara writes about what plastic is, where it comes from, what the difference between a plastic bottle and plastic wrap is, and what to think of chemical additives such as BPA.


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