How Plastic Conscious Are You?


Losing weight and eating healthy are so passé! Our resolution for next year is less plastic pollution! Better for our bellies and bodies and for our pretty planet.

We are doing pretty good on conscious living. We adopted almond milk and exotic seeds as part of our daily diet. Eco stores are everywhere and farmer markets are amongst our favourite weekend activities. We drink milk from local cows in cute little cafés with quinoa salads on the menu. Props for the conscious manoeuvres we made in 2014!

But what about all the pretty wrapping of our well selected health snacks? Why are bio bananas in plastic? Where does all the plastic packaging actually go? This seems to be a mystery for most of us, as shown in the short video shot at Amsterdam central station. Let’s take our conscious living to the next level this year! Less plastic packaging means less processed food which means extra healthy! ☺

Some tips

1. Always take a canvas shopping bag with you. There are plenty foldaway designs that take minimal space

2. Look for bulk shops for nuts, rice and cereals. Markets are a good spot, low budget and have often very fresh products!

3. Vegetables in supermarkets don’t need a plastic bag. Give them a good wash at home before preparing and you’ll be fine!

4. Take one of those coffee cups along for the take-a-way drinks

5. Hunt for cutlery to take in your bag in case you’re having a snack outdoors

A plastic-free lifestyle requires time. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect – just strive for the best! Every little step counts. Imagine if everybody uses 1 plastic bag less a day, we already saved an incredible waste!

Happy plastic free 2015!


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Homemade pumpkin soup, any cooking by her sister Annemieke, hard rubbish, exotic markets, traintrips, obscure records and a million other things make Gerda very happy. The opposite counts for pollution and unfair treatment of our planet. Therefore Plastic-Free Tuesday is one of those things that Gerda happily included in her never ending to-live-for-list. She is a fulltime treehugger with an extra mission on Tuesdays. And that again makes her very, very happy. Gerda is a real nomad, she has been living in many different countries. At the moment, she's in Morocco. Gerda designed the Plastic-Free Tuesday logo, develops offline Plastic-Free Tuesday activities, writes blogs, designs social media content, and helps developing our communication strategy.

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