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It has been ages since our last blog post. Other things in life are keeping us busy. But in the off line world, I and the rest of the team are still plastic minimalists and keep striving towards a plastic free life. The last couple of weeks I have rediscovered a home-made awesome scrub which I made almost a year ago. The recipe comes from my dear friend Annika. She made me a jar of this scrub as a Christmas gift. Once the jar was finished, I asked her for the recipe and she was so kind to send it to me. Today I am sharing it with you.


  • 4 deciliter sugar (bulk or in paper packaging)
  • 1 deciliter olive oil (bulk or in glass bottle with metal lid)
  • orange juice from half an organic orange
  • peel, grated from one organic orange
  • 1 tablespoon dried mint (from the garden or in bulk or glass bottle)

Take a clean jar. Simply put all the ingredients in it and mix it with a spoon.




The result is a wonderful scrub that makes your skin soft and clean. It’s cheap, all natural and does not go bad. I made my jar about a year ago and it still smells fresh. I guess the sugar serves as a preservative here.

Thanks to Annika for this simply but effective, plastic-free recipe!

What’s your favorite plastic-free DIY skin care product?


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In 2013, after reading yet another article about plastic soup, Annemieke started her Dutch blog Plasticminimalism where she documented her small steps towards life with less plastic. To create more awareness about the adverse impacts of our plastic consumption, she launched Plastic-Free Tuesday in spring 2014. She strongly believes that building a better world starts by changing our own behavior. Annemieke is trained in environmental science and policy. She alternates living in the Netherlands, Sweden, the US, and China.


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