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Do you want to help Plastic-Free Tuesday become an even bigger global movement? Please help us spread the word by putting up these posters in your area. Read our tips for plastic-free glue and how and where best to spread them. If you put up a poster, please take a picture and share it with us. Leave a comment or share your poster experience on social media, using #PlasticFreeTuesday.

Click on the poster to download. The posters are great in A3 and A4 size.

PFT Poster English                                   PFT Poster Dutch


PFT Poster German A3                                     PFT Poster Romanian A3


PFT Poster Spanish A3                                    PFT Poster Swedish A3


PFT Poster Slovenian A3                                     PFT Poster Finnish A3



More editions will follow. A Chinese edition is in the pipeline…! We would love to receive YOUR input regarding text in your language. It doesn’t need to be a literal translation of the English or Dutch editions. Most important is that it fits local culture and habits, and that the posters really get people thinking about their plastic consumption. To get in touch, use the contact form.